CB Shop White List

Finding a good CB shop is becoming more of a challenge as more CB shops (both good and bad) either go bust, or just shut down to do other things. This list of CB shops is a combined effort of shops and individual techs, as well as input from major CB and export brands, to put together an informal and loose network of CB shops that seem to be better than average with regards to quality of work, level of professionalism, troubleshooting ability, and knowledge of AM theory. The list is short right now, but is growing slowly as more shops that seem to know what they are doing are discovered. Shop names that have a known website are shown as clickable links.

NOTE: These shops are recommended from a technical and/or warranty center standpoint. You'll need to determine for yourself on an individual basis if you want to trust them with your money. Research each shop elsewhere before making a decision. The best efforts are made to keep info up-to-date, but sometimes shops change hands and new employees come in, which can, in some cases, lead to a shop which once did good work beginning to perform inferior service.

Make sure you contact a particular shop to confirm shipping addresses, etc, before actually shipping a radio to them. Shops sometimes relocate, and it may take some time before updated contact and shipping information makes it to this site.

If you find any errors in the contact or shop information presented below, please email Dave at DTB Radio: dtbradio @ pa.net (omit spaces)




8541 Electronicslocated at 1519 Atkinson St., College Plaza Shopping Center, Laurinburg, NC. 28352. This shop is concentrating mainly on commercial two-way gear, but still does some CB work on a limited and individual basis.

Circuit Master CB Shop - Located at Flying J Truck Stop, exit 142, Altoona Iowa. Phone 1-515-957-0873. This is one of Galaxy's official Out-Of-Warranty repair centers. On 2-15-2018 I learned that they are also now handling Connex/General warranty service. Their Grand Island, Nebraska location has been closed, confirmed by phone on 1-31-2019. Latest phone number as of 9/3/2020: 515-480-8279.

DTB Radio - This is one of Galaxy's official Out-Of-Warranty repair centers. located at 1257-B Harrisburg Pike, exit 52 on I-81, and exit 226 on I-76 in Carlisle, PA. This shop monitors channel 2.

Q-5 communications - located in the upstairs part of Madison Truck Plaza, Exit 132 on I90/95 in Madison, Wisconsin. 1-800-841-6333.

Rodehog Communications (Russell Clift) - No longer with us. R I P, Russ!

Key's CB - . Located is 7072 South Warren Road, Warren, Indiana, 46792. Phone 1-260-375-4410 This is the Stryker warranty repair center, and they also handle warranty service for CRE8900 radios.

Don's CB Sales and Service - 3309 Dynes Ave, Erie, PA. 16510. Phone: 814-898-1046 (number and shipping address is current as of 4-23-2010). This is one of Galaxy's out-of-warranty repair centers.

Note: Don no longer handles any walk-in business, only mail-in. 3-30-2018 update, Don no longer handles warranty work for Galaxy or Connex. He still handles warranty support for the General brand.

Bob's CB Shop - Located in Strattanville, PA Off of I-80, exit 70, across from the All American. This is the home of the Top Gun product line. Formerly handled warranty service for the Magnum line of radios, before Magnum went offline.

Note: Bob's does NOT disable modulation controllers as previously posted here. As per phone conversation with Bob, they don't generally try to talk customers into de-butchering their radios, but will instead note what other problems exist after specifically-requested repairs are performed.

MAD Electronics - Located in Delaware. Phone: 302-875-5933


Warranty Center Lists


This section gives links to warranty center lists from different manufacturers. I don't specifically recommend any of these shops beyond the shops mentioned in the main list above. The links are provided for convenience. This is a new feature, so there may only be one or two for a while.

Click here for a list of Cobra warranty centers.

Midland warranty information

RCI/Mirage Warranty:  techsupport@rangerusa.com



Shops listed below aren't as well-known, but are shops that I think are worth a look. I list them because I've either seen their work on the bench, heard their work over the air, have contacted them myself, have read multiple reviews on the shop, or have had good reports from my own customers about their work, and feel comfortable in at least giving them a mention on this list.

Bell's CB (division of Cat Enterprises) - OAKLAND PARK, FL., Phone 1-954-771-8161. The link points to one of their newsletter pages. Note, this shop has temporarily stopped accepting service requests. Estimated time before accepting new repair requests, as of 4/30/2016, will be about one year.

Double S Cellular and Satellite (DSCS for short) - phone number 314-462-6400; Address is 43 Front St Troy MO. 63379. This shop claims to employ the builder of the Viper line of amps. I haven't been able to confirm this, though.

Certified Electronics - Located at 9 Scott DriveCartersville, GA

Lou's Electronics - Located at 739 North Main St, Suite 1, West Bridgewater, MA., 02379, phone 508-894-3007